Constitution & Rules

As a Club we want to keep things simple & orderly – so we have a straightforward Constitution & as few Rules as possible.   Caving is not without some hazards – so some safety procedures are important & not just a ‘load of old bull’ as the saying goes!

For instance no-one goes underground without someone on the surface having knowledge of the trip & able to summon help – should the cavers not emerge at the proper time.  That’s just common sense & members are generally expected to exercise that & are also encouraged to use their own initiative at all times.

The Clubs Constitution & Rules for 2014 are as listed below:-


(1) NAME.

The Club shall be named the OLD MATEY’S CAVING CLUB (hereinafter known as the Club).


(2.1) To provide facilities for underground exploration in a safe and competent manner

(2.2) To provide training in caving & potholing techniques in keeping with both safety and the careful preservation of our cave heritage.

(2.3) To maintain a friendly Club with both sporting & social aspects to be enjoyed by members of all abilities.


(3.1) Membership is currently restricted to former students, friends & families of BTS Engineering. Members must also accept and support the Aims & Objectives of the Club.

(3.2) There are four categories of membership:-


Full Members – aged 18 & upwards

Associate Members – Social/Non-Caving

Junior Members – under 18 years of age

Prospective Members – may join for a probation period before committing to full membership.

(3.3) Application for membership should be made to the Secretary or member of the Committee and the application will be considered at the next committee meeting. Full membership may be granted by the committee once a satisfactory probationary period has been served. Should membership be refused the applicant may appeal to members of the Club and in this event notice should be given to the Club secretary within 14 days of notice of refusal and a Special general meeting will be called.


(4.1) Will be decided upon by the committee at each years AGM.

(4.2) Membership Fees are for each calendar year – persons joining mid-year will pay 1/12th the annual rate for each complete remaining month of the year in which they join.

(4.3) Any member who is a full time student or un-salaried may pay a reduced rate.

(4.4) Any member who has not paid membership fees by 1st April shall be deemed to have terminated Club membership.


(5.1) The Club will be administered by committee of five consisting of Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Surface Liaison Officer.

(5.2) Committee members will meet from time to time at Ordinary General Meetings (to which all members are entitled to attend) and have responsibility to ensure the Club is administered in an open and competent manner.

(5.3) The committee shall have power to legislate upon any point not provided for in these rules.

(5.4) A quorum will be three Committee members.


(6.1) All members will be given 7 days notice of any meeting and have the right to attend.

(6.2) Annual General Meeting

(6.2.1) The Club AGM will be held each December and at that meeting a show of hands (by subscription paid full, associate & junior members) will elect the committee (Full or associate members only) for the following year.

(6.2.2) In addition to election of the committee at the AGM members may approve the previous years AGM minutes; receive relevant Reports from committee members and consider and vote on any changes to the Constitution, Club Rules or other relevant business.

(6.3) Ordinary General Meetings.

May take place from time to time as required by the committee.

(6.4) Special General Meeting.

(6.4.1) Upon the requisition in writing duly setting out purpose, signed by ten members (or at least half of all members – whichever is the lower) and delivered to the secretary, the Committee shall within fourteen days convene a Special General Meeting of the Club.

(6.4.2) A Special general meeting may also be called in respect of appeal of refused membership (see (3.3) ‘MEMBERSHIP’ – above)-

(6.4.3) The Chairperson shall have the right to call a SGM of all paid up Club members on 14 days written notice – giving the reason for the meeting; date, time & venue.

(7) Voting

All voting will be resolved by a simple majority – in the event of no majority then the Chairperson (or if absent the Vice-Chairperson) will have an additional casting vote.


The committee holds full responsibility and will deal with discipline matters at its discretion.


(9.1) Club funds are to be used solely for promoting the Clubs objectives as set out in this Constitution.

(9.2) The committee may pay accounts and normal liabilities on behalf of the Club.

(9.3) Anyone receiving money on behalf of the Club shall forthwith hand it to the Treasurer.

(9.4) No portion of Club funds will be paid or transferred to any member of the Club or committee.


(10.1) All members or prospective members should be made aware of, and accept that underground activities carry a level of risk of personal injury or death & that participation in Club activities are entirely at their own risk.

(10.2) The Club accepts no responsibility or Third Party Liability for any accidents or damage to members or other persons or any property at any time.


In the event the Club should dissolve then the assets of the Club shall be realized & donated to a registered Charity as determined by the committee.

This constitution is as agreed by the Committee:-

Signed……………………………….. Chairperson

……………………………….. Vice-Chairperson

………………………………… Secretary

…………………………………. Treasurer

…………………………………. Surface Liaison Officer

Dated :……15th December 2012………………


1. All trips to have a responsible above-ground person – able to call for rescue should a party not return by a pre-agreed time.

2. Anyone under 16 caving with the Club – to be accompanied by parent/guardian.

3. No-one under 10 years of age to go underground with the Club.

4. Prospective new members will be proposed & seconded by full existing Club members.

5. At the commencement of each trip – members will have responsibility for the checking of kit – such as ropes & ladders, karabiners etc;

6. Trips having Junior Member(s) to have a minimum of two full members.

End of Club Rules.(total 6 Rules)

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